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Promotional codes are placed on the Cheeseburger Simulator page, it can only be used once in the game. To enter the code, click on the twitter logo it is above the shop logo Submit

valid codes

Code add Reward
shutdown 11-01-2019 25 Coins
2cheesey4me 11-03-2019 50 Coins
bread 11-03-2019 250 Coins
tw1tt3r 11-03-2019 Twitter Plate
HappyBlobDay 11-11-2019 Birthday Party Plate
pets 12-12-2019 100 Coins
update1 12-12-2019 100 Coins
merryxmas 12-23-2019 100 Coins
winter 12-23-2019 100 Coins

Expired codes

Code add Reward